Massage/Thai Bodywork

hand massageRates:

1 hour  –  $95
90 min  –  $140
2 hour  –  $185

Save with a prepaid package:

Buy 5 massage sessions – Receive 10% off
And enjoy the benefits of regular massage!

Bodywork Offerings:

  • Traditional Thai Bodywork – Excellent for stimulating the flow of chi, lymph, and blood; lubricates the joints; improves range of motion; and increases body awareness.  Also called Lazy Man’s Yoga, you get many of the benefits of yoga without having to do any of the work!  Particularly excellent for tight hips and shoulders.
  • Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage – Mary DeMarco’s signature massage integrating a variety of techniques tailored to meet your specific health and wellness goals.  Excellent for addressing specific health concerns.
  • Sports Massage – Integrates Deep Tissue massage with Thai Yoga stretches to optimize your athletic performance, improve recovery times, and decreases risk of injury.  An important part of any health and fitness regimen.
  • Relaxation / Swedish Massage – For when you need to relax, restore, and return to peaceful equilibrium.   Classical Swedish with the intention to returning you to a state of pure bliss!
  • Pregnancy Prenatal & Postpartum Massage – Addressing the specific needs of Mom who is prenatal and postpartum.   Relaxing or targeted to areas of discomfort, this massage is safe throughout the entire duration of a healthy pregnancy.