Feedback from Mary’s yoga students:

I have gotten a big kick out of prenatal and then mom-and-baby yoga. It made a big difference in both my pregnancy and recovery from birth. My second pregnancy/recovery was easier than the first (once I started yoga) and that’s not really how that usually goes! 😉 If we decide to go for baby number three, I will be finding a way to make prenatal yoga work again!  ~ Erin Morgan

Mary Raven DeMarco’s prenatal yoga practice was the number one thing that made natural childbirth possible for me and my newborn. As a first time mother-to-be, I had no idea what labor and delivery would be like. I read the books and took the recommended childbirth classes. But when the pressures and intensities of childbirth became a reality, I could recall very little of what I had once read or had done once or twice in a classroom. On the other hand, what did kick in were the physical and mental habits I developed from doing prenatal yoga as directed by Mary, which reinforced valuable mind and body connections and practices over and over again.

The breathing techniques, endurance poses, specialized prenatal postures, and relaxation sequences we practiced every week become second nature to me and they got me through one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Since I had grown so used to taking focused and relaxing breaths in Mary’s classes – all the while perfoming althetic poses or while in a state of rest and repose – I had gained the mental and physical wherewithal that I needed and in fact relied upon in order to bring my little one into this world without unnecessary medical interventions.

Mary’s prenatal yoga instruction is unparalleled and I cannot recommend her enough. I tried working with other prenatal yoga instructors but no other person tailored the yoga sequences to the women in the room the way Mary did. She asked how we were feeling and truly listened to us. Mary is extraordinarily well trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her command of the specialized poses and sequences that a pregnant body or a postnatal body needs is as impressive as it is rare.

Michele Speitz
Greenville, SC

Feedback from Mary’s massage clients:

I’ve maybe experienced 100 different massage therapists – Mary is one of the very best.  I’ve always felt so alive and relaxed after a session with her.  It’s like my head is once again centered on my soul.   –   K. Turcot.

Mary is the best massage therapist I have ever had.  Her constant continuing education and knowledge of anatomy and various techniques enables her to tailor each session to be exactly what you need.  I have never felt relief as complete or sustained from the tension and stress in my muscles.  Try Thai Yoga – it’s awesome.  –E.L.

Mary Raven is one of the most knowledgeable massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  She understands the body and its movement so well that she can target the source problem and provide relief and ultimate relaxation.  I always left her office feeling calm and relaxed, which is a welcome feeling apart from my daily life which always seems ridiculously busy and physically exhausting.   -Rhonda Larsen, Corporate Financial Analyst (full-time) & Aerobics Instructor (part-time)

Mary is a gifted massage therapist who eases my muscle tension and makes me feel nurtured all at the same time.   -Nancy McGinn

I have been going to Mary Raven for therapeutic massages for quite a while. She was always very professional and courteous. Her massages have helped me to stay in shape for all the physical activities I am involved in. I have no hesitation in recommending her massage services including Thai yoga massages to anyone who wants to relax and relieve their pains.  –Xavier Kakkathanu

I had numerous massages from Mary over the last few years. I always had very good results with her treatments.  She is an excellent massage therapist and helped relieve a lot of my pains.  I enjoyed her personal style and yet, very professional approach. I hate to see Mary leave and I will miss her and her massages dearly.    – Joe Gehrig, CCIM Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire Realty

Mary’s style of Thai massage is the most fluid, flowing & energizing I have ever received.  She has such a welcoming & enthusiastic energy, allowing an immediate sense/knowing of trust.  She gave special attention to my energetic & physical body imbalances, while maintaining a meditative full body flow.  I highly recommend her professional services for relaxation, therapeutic application & overall wellbeing. -Tammy Mitchell : Director Heading OM Yoga

My wife and I have gone to Mary for the last few years.  I am in heavy construction and Dottie an RN, both with very different needs that Mary fills nicely and professionally.  I have had to deal with sciatica problems for over 25 years…I found it very difficult to find a great deep tissue therapist until a friend recommended Mary.  Dottie’s fibromyalgia requires a much softer approach and she tells me it is quite relaxing.  – Jay & Dottie Vanier

Excellent technique and very good pressure.-Clarissa Rhode

Mary is great at pregnancy massage!  Such a happy time of life can be less so with an achy back or hips.  Mary makes that go away so you can enjoy preparing for your baby.  -Jane

I was in the middle of marathon training and barely completed a 16 mile run on a Saturday morning. Like most days after a long run, I was tight, sore, and achy the rest of the day. I had no idea what Thai massage was, but Mary recommended it so I received one from her that evening. It was a whole new experience for me, like a cross between getting stretched by a trainer and receiving massage. I felt pretty good and slept well that night, but the real difference was revealed the following day. My legs were completely refreshed and had no soreness at all. Mary had said the Thai massage would be perfect for recovering from a long run and I was skeptical of these claims at first but experiencing it firsthand was simply amazing!  -Eric Y. Chow

Between work, the gym, home, my volunteer commitments – life gets hectic.  One hour of solace with Mary and I’m ready for whatever the next round of life brings. -RL

I have received massage from Mary on and off for many years.  She has been able to alleviate shoulder pain, which has helped my posture greatly.  Most recently I received massage from her while pregnant.  Her presence is very calming and her touch is both strong and soothing.  Right away I noticed a change in my lower back and hips after receiving massage from Mary.  Mary also takes care to check in throughout the massage and works with you to target concerns.  I would recommend Mary for both relaxation and to address specific concerns. -Joey

Mary creates a calming atmosphere that adds to the total massage experience.  Friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a great massage! – anonymous

Our sessions have been most relaxing.  My “trouble spots” were dealt with most effectively.  – Wanda Ohaver

I have been receiving massage for decades. Mary Raven is an exceptionally talented and sensitive massage therapist. She has a beautiful technique that inspires trust, an expert ability to “read” the body, and a serene, warm presence that invites deep release.
I can’t imagine having a better experience on a massage table, unless one could take a nap after the session! – Heidi Turcot, LCSW/yoga therapist

As someone who has multiple sclerosis, two of the biggest issues I deal with are the fatigue and the limited mobility due to tight muscles.
After a recent massage with Mary, the next day I felt like I was a much younger person.  I sprung out of bed early in the morning and kept going all day.  My walking and balance were greatly improved.
The increase in energy levels was the most amazing thing – no prescription drug I have ever taken could do this.  I had a feeling of well-being and stayed in a wonderfully positive mood throughout the day.
Mary is very caring, and this is evident throughout the massage.  She adjusts the pressure used so that you are comfortable at all times.  She has studied the dynamics of MS, and instinctively knows which areas to focus on.
I would recommend massage therapy to anyone who has MS.  It’s painless, no side effects, and the results are so beneficial on both the physical and emotional levels.  -Rhonda J. Foster

All throughout my second pregnancy, I was experiencing severe pains with my right sciatic nerve. The pain was not debilitating, but enough that I was seeing a physical therapist regularly. I was losing sleep as well and needed something to relax my entire body. I made an appointment with Mary and during our session, I was finally able to relax and not focus on the pain in my right hip. Every aspect of her pre-natal massage was therapeutic and I left feeling like a new woman! I made other appointments and really felt that the massages helped me to relax prior to my delivery!
I am a firm believer in pre-natal massage. Before the birth of my first daughter, I was given the name of a massage therapist where we lived in North Carolina. I had such a relaxing and comfortable experience with that therapist and I really feel that my overall physical harmony was key in having a positive birthing experience with my daughter. After finding out I was pregnant 5 years later, I was quite apprehensive about finding a massage therapist that was just as qualified. I was really lucky to meet Mary and I think she far exceeded my previous experience! I even recommended her to my sister-in-law when she found out that she was pregnant!
It is hard to experiment with something such as body massage…and expensive to shop around for a therapist you can feel comfortable with and leave feeling relaxed. I hope that you take my experience into consideration and call Mary!  -anonymous

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