Traditional Thai Bodywork

Mary’s style of Thai massage is the most fluid, flowing & energizing I have ever received.  She has such a welcoming & enthusiastic energy, allowing an immediate sense/knowing of trust.  She gave special attention to my energetic & physical body imbalances, while maintaining a meditative full body flow.  I highly recommend her professional services for relaxation, therapeutic application & overall well-being. -Tammy Mitchell : Director Heading OM Yoga

So many of our aches and pains come from lack of mobility in our joints and stagnation in our tissues.  Traditional Thai Bodywork (TTB) opens and releases stuck areas in the body gets you moving again.

Traditional Thai Bodywork, traditionally called Nuad phaen boran in Thailand, is a therapeutic bodywork technique dating back thousands of years and shares a history with Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.  TTB is a deep, full-body treatment that includes flowing and relaxing yogic-like stretches and compressions applied by various means to the Sen sip energy lines.

Excellent for increasing flexibility; alleviating low back, hip, shoulder tightness and pain; and restoring pain-free movement to the body.  It is a wonderful choice of bodywork for athletes want to stay healthy, injury-free, and achieve greater range of motion and flexibility.  TTB may also be particularly beneficial to people with tight muscles due to multiple sclerosis and people who have been laid up and inactive because of an injury and are ready to get moving again.

Try Thai Yoga – it’s awesome.  –E.L.

Thai bodywork incorporates muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure, and yoga.  Thai massage is done on a padded mat on the floor.  No oil is used, and it is done while you are fully dressed.  Please wear comfortable, loose fit clothing to your Thai massage appointment.  All techniques are tailored to your pressure tolerance and flexibility.

How long is a Thai Bodywork session?  In Thailand, a typical session lasts 2-4 hours.   We do offer sessions ranging from 1 hour to 2 plus hours.  A 1-hour session is about the equivalent to a ½-hour chair massage;  it gives you a taste of the massage session, but it is by-no-means a full body treatment.  A 1½-hour session is typically what most therapists offer, and is a good amount of time to receive a full body treatment.  2 hours or more is optimal for truly experiencing what Thai Bodywork really is—integral bodywork that promotes healing and reconnects the mind, body and spirit.

Call for a consultation to discuss if this is the bodywork for you.

I was in the middle of marathon training and barely completed a 16 mile run on a Saturday morning. Like most days after a long run, I was tight, sore, and achy the rest of the day. I had no idea what Thai massage was, but Mary recommended it so I received one from her that evening. It was a whole new experience for me, like a cross between getting stretched by a trainer and receiving massage. I felt pretty good and slept well that night, but the real difference was revealed the following day. My legs were completely refreshed and had no soreness at all. Mary had said the Thai massage would be perfect for recovering from a long run and I was skeptical of these claims at first but experiencing it firsthand was simply amazing!  -EC