Prenatal Yoga

Currently, no group prenatal yoga classes are scheduled. 
Please contact Mary if you are interested in this offering returning.  Thank you!

Yoga for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Learn how to use yoga as a tool to support you physically and emotionally through your pregnancy and to prepare for the childbirth process.  We will explore yoga postures that help to relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy as well as prepare and strengthen your body for childbirth.  Breathing exercises will aid in relaxation, calm your nervous053 system, and are beneficial to practice in preparation for childbirth and childrearing.

Mary creates a nurturing environment for you to befriend and connect with your body and growing baby.  In this safe space you are invited to notice sensations, to experiment with movement and breathing, and to practice being empowered about making choices that are right for you.  This class is appropriate for all levels and bodies. 

Mom & Baby Yoga / Yoga for Postpartum

Reconnect with your body after childbirth.  Learn breathing practices to calm and re-center; learn yoga postures to rebuild strength and flexibility and to soothe the aches of new parenthood.  Practice integrating your little one into your yoga practice.  Learn basic massage techniques and stretches to do with your baby to bond with your baby and promote healthy development.

Out of respect for your body, please come at least 4-6 weeks after your baby has been born, or 6-8 weeks after Cesarean births or when you have been cleared by your doctor/midwife. Open to all parents and caregivers and babies.  Bring a baby blanket and toy for your babe to chill with.  This class is appropriate for all levels and bodies.

Testimonials from prenatal yoga students:

I have gotten a big kick out of prenatal and then mom-and-baby yoga. It made a big difference in both my pregnancy and recovery from birth. My second pregnancy/recovery was easier than the first (once I started yoga) and that’s not really how that usually goes! 😉 If we decide to go for baby number three, I will be finding a way to make prenatal yoga work again!  ~ Erin Morgan

Testimonial: Mary DeMarco’s Prenatal Yoga Classes
August 2015

Mary DeMarco’s prenatal yoga practice was the number one thing that made natural childbirth possible for me and my newborn. As a first time mother-to-be, I had no idea what labor and delivery would be like. I read the books and took the recommended childbirth classes. But when the pressures and intensities of childbirth became a reality, I could recall very little of what I had once read or had done once or twice in a classroom. On the other hand, what did kick in were the physical and mental habits I developed from doing prenatal yoga as directed by Mary, which reinforced valuable mind and body connections and practices over and over again.

The breathing techniques, endurance poses, specialized prenatal postures, and relaxation sequences we practiced every week become second nature to me and they got me through one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Since I had grown so used to taking focused and relaxing breaths in Mary’s classes – all the while perfoming althetic poses or while in a state of rest and repose – I had gained the mental and physical wherewithal that I needed and in fact relied upon in order to bring my little one into this world without unnecessary medical interventions.

Mary’s prenatal yoga instruction is unparalleled and I cannot recommend her enough. I tried working with other prenatal yoga instructors but no other person tailored the yoga sequences to the women in the room the way Mary did. She asked how we were feeling and truly listened to us. Mary is extraordinarily well trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her command of the specialized poses and sequences that a pregnant body or a postnatal body needs is as impressive as it is rare.

Michele Speitz
Greenville, SC