Pregnancy Massage

Mary DeMarco, LMBT received her Prenatal Pregnancy Massage Certification from Carole Osborne in 2005 and has been helping moms stay happy and feeling their best ever since!

Mary is great at pregnancy massage!  Such a happy time of life can be less so with an achy back or hips.  Mary makes that go away so you can enjoy preparing for your baby.  -Jane

Not merely a pampering experience for the (deserving) mother-to-be!  Deep relaxation prepares the body and mind for labor.  Clearing stress hormones results in healthier babies.  Have aches and pains, and been told “that’s just how pregnancy is”? Come and see Mary.

Pregnancy massage is helpful in reducing muscle spasms, cramps, fibrosis, and other myofascial pain.

Pregnancy Massage Rates:

1 hour  –  $75
90 min –  $112
2 hour   –  $150  “Momma Goddess Deluxe”

Or save with a prepaid package:

Buy 5 massage sessions – Receive 10% off
And enjoy the benefits or regular massage!

For more information on the benefits of Pregnancy Massage, please visit Carole Osborne’s article “Supporting Pregnancy with Massage Therapy.”

All throughout my second pregnancy, I was experiencing severe pains with my right sciatic nerve. The pain was not debilitating, but enough that I was seeing a physical therapist regularly. I was losing sleep as well and needed something to relax my entire body. I made an appointment with Mary and during our session, I was finally able to relax and not focus on the pain in my right hip. Every aspect of her prenatal massage was therapeutic and I left feeling like a new woman! -CF