Relaxation Massage

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to be as far away as you think…

Between work, the gym, home, my volunteer commitments – life gets hectic.  One hour of solace with Mary and I’m ready for whatever the next round of life brings.  -RL

Let the stresses of life leave your body.  Unwind, breathe, and relax.  Reset your stress level to low.  Aromatherapy is included to promote relaxation.

In addition to massaging skin and muscle tissue,  a Swedish relaxation massage stimulates the outermost layers off your nervous system.  This is calming and centering–a wonderful way to connect with where you border the rest of the world.

Researchers are finding many diseases are ultimately caused by too much stress.  Are you feeling stressed or undergoing many changes in your life?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Schedule your relaxation massage today, and your tomorrow-self will be grateful for it.

I have been receiving massage for decades. Mary Raven is an exceptionally talented and sensitive massage therapist. She has a beautiful technique that inspires trust, an expert ability to “read” the body, and a serene, warm presence that invites deep release.

I can’t imagine having a better experience on a massage table, unless one could take a nap after the session! – Heidi Turcot, LCSW/yoga therapist